Comprar bilhete • 6 de Abril • Grande Auditório
Comprar bilhete • 8 de Abril • Pequeno Auditório
Something in the Dark

Sometimes in the Dark/A Volte Nel Buio – Carmine Cristallo Scalzi – 122’ (Ita) – Horror, Drama

April 6th • Grand Auditorium • 18:00 | April 8th • Small Auditorium • 23:15

A remote village in the mountains where the community affected by a mysterious illness. Gorecki, chief of the sick people, strangely gets attached to Giacomo, a “healthy” boy, as he sees in the young boy a chance for redemption and salvation. Giacomo’s kidnapping will then stir up the furious reaction of the inhabitants. A singular film, filled with originality and imagination and creating an oppressive atmosphere, coming from first time director Carmine Cristallo Scalzi who also signs the screenplay, the cinematography and the music. Selection of the Trieste Film Festival.

Carmine Cristallo Scalzi

First feature by this Italian director and screenwriter.