Comprar bilhete • 9 de Abril • Grande Auditório

Everything, Nothing and Something Else – Marina Kondratieva- 80’ – (Ukraine/Lithuania) 2020 – comedy drama

April 9th • Grand Auditório • 20h45

Nine real life stories happening in a taxi. The driver, on his first day of work, has a priest that tells him about God. And an accident. Dream or reality? The driver participates willingly or not, in the lives of his passengers. Stories of life and death, humanity and chaos. Shot in the streets of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.


Marina Kondratieva First feature by this Ukrainian director.


Original Title: Everything, Nothing and Something Else. Country: Ukraine Year: 2020. Director: Marina Kondratieva . Screenwriter: Marina Kondratieva. Actors: Denis Granchak, Tatiana Ignashkina, Anton Ravitskiy, Yuriy Kondratiev, Kateryna Molchanova. Contact : One-Eyed. Duration: 80’