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2049: The Hedgehog Effect – Chien-Ching Chu – 162’ (Taiwan) – CF – Sy-Fy – ANTESTREIA EUROPEIA

The amazing special effects make this near future credible and an example of what could possibly be our life with technology invading every part of it, from our jobs to domestic robots or access to our dreams. In this probable future, a woman is on the ledge of a skyscraper waiting to the right moment to jump, already surrounded by drones. Her therapist tries to explain what has taken her to such despair. A story of falling in and out of love, of drugs and family.


Chien-Ching Chu

Director and screenwriter known for the television series “Love By Design”. “2049: The Hedgehog Effect” is his first feature.


Título Original: 2049: The Hedgehog Effect / País: Taiwan / Realização: Chien-Ching Chu / Ano: 2021 / Argumento: Tina Lin, Li-Da hsu. Actores: Tsu-Xi Lin, Christina Mok, Wei-Ming Chen / Efeitos Visuais: Chao-Chung Wang / Contacto: Greener Grass / Duração: 162’